About Us

Who We Are

Hope For The City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization eliminating hunger in the Las Vegas Valley. We are passionately committed to providing care and relief to meet the critical food needs of people in the greater Las Vegas area and beyond.

Our Team

CEO and President

Mike Bodine

Executive Director

Ben Woods

Sites Coordinator

Kristen Sierakowski

Business Development

Nick Cope

Outreach Coordinator

Katie Claessens


Vanessa McGonigle

Together we are providing hope

At Hope For The City, we understand that many families will face hard times, and we want to be there when they need someone to help them get through. During the Pandemic, we fed over 1 million people, supporting families with nowhere else to go. Even though the Pandemic has slowed, families are still hurting. Each week, we provide food to over 1000 families in need.

Our Work

Serving families in
Las Vegas since 2005

During the pandemic, we dramatically increased our food relief efforts. Since the start of the pandemic, we have:


  • Launched and operated 1000 pop-up food pantries across the Las Vegas Valley
  • Supplied 18.2 million pounds of food to our friends and neighbors in need
  • Served 1.4 million individuals
  • Provided help to over 300,000 households
  • Facilitated at-risk senior feeding programs
  • First responder’s feeding programs
  • Partnered with Law Enforcement to help deliver food to vulnerable communities
  • Provided essential supplies for kids in need