Platinum Sponsor

  • Large banners with prominent branding at the entrance and exit of the Hope For Kids events.
  • Thank you plaque presented to your business
  • Professionally produced and personalized Hope For Kids recap and thank you video with
    your business as the sponsor.
  • Custom designed, decorated and business themed holiday lighted booth displayed within
    the drive-through experience, business banner and the opportunity to give out business
    trinket items.
  • Business representative can appear on a live television broadcast to make your donation
    (subject to availability).
  • Business name included as a Platinum Sponsor in a handout to guests that come through
    the drive-through experience.
  • Business logo featured on Hope For The City’s website as a Platinum Sponsor for all of
  • Multiple “live” thank you’s on our social media platforms during the drive-through
  • Multiple public thank you’s on our social media platforms and in our newsletter to all our
    supporters during the week of Hope For Kids.
  • Business logo featured on A-frame signage at all of our weekly food pantries for all of
  • Hope For The City Partner sticker to display in your place of business.
  • Hope For The City t-shirts for team