Local Nonprofit, Hope for the City, Receives the Clark County Medical Society Winged Heart Award

LAS VEGAS (date) – The Clark County Medical Society’s (CCMS) 68th annual awards ceremony was held at T-Mobile Arena on Friday, April 29, 2022, and CEO, Mike Bodine, accepted The Winged Heart Award on behalf of the team at Hope For The City.

Hope For the City (HFTC) began serving the greater Las Vegas area and beyond in 2005 by passionately committing to providing care, relief, and meeting the critical food needs of the people within their communities. Through partnerships with food distributors like Three Square Food Bank and the US Department of Agriculture, as well as the support of local organizations such as Central Church, Super Bakery, Sysco, The Cosmopolitan, The Doyal, and many more, they have been growing their impact throughout each passing year. (For more information, visit www.hopeforthecity.tv)

In March 2020, HFTC accelerated its food and relief efforts, directly responding to the pandemic and rising needs around the Vegas Valley. Within the first six weeks following the shutdown, HFTC had supplied food to over 200,000 individuals in over 41,000 households, giving away over 2,144,584 pounds of food. They also sent people out into the community to bring food and a welcoming smile directly to the doorstep of the elderly and immunocompromised who could not make the trip to a nearby pantry. Efforts continued with remarkable stamina as the weeks continued to roll by with no decline in the needs of those struggling with food insecurities in the valley.

“The Winged Heart Awards recognize the incredible dedication of local nurses, nonprofits, and first responders who are raising the bar of healthcare in our community,” said Dr. Alexander

By the time they received their nomination for the Winged Heart award in April of 2022,   they had given away over 15 million pounds of food to over 300,000 households in the Las Vegas valley. The CCMS recognized the nonprofit’s impact on the community as an organization that undeniably raised the bar for promoting wellness in Clark County. HFTC is continuing its efforts to eliminate hunger in the Vegas Valley and beyond, believing no person should go without their basic needs being met.

We are honored to have been a 2022 Non-Profit finalist in the Las Vegas Valley!

We can continue doing this only because of your continued support; thank you.

People like you who care about giving back to the community get to come together and meet the needs of others.

With inflation affecting the prices for essentials like food and gas, we are seeing an increase in vehicles at the drive-through food pantries. There are vehicles with 2-4 families carpooling to our food pantries.  Since the pandemic’s start, our volunteers have served 1.4 million people with 16.5 million pounds of food across 950+ pop-up pantries.

Meeting the need for food in our city will never be easy, but with you and our local partners coming together, we will continue the mission.

We won’t stop until we defeat hunger in the city!

We won the 2023 Outstanding Non-profit Award by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce!

Hope For The City was awarded Outstanding Nonprofit by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce!

We are honored and humbled to receive this award. None of this would be possible without all of our amazing volunteers and every person who has donated their time and resources to help feed their friends and neighbors in need.

As grateful as we are to be recognized this way, we realize there are still so many people to help across the Vegas Valley. We see over 5,500 individuals come through our food pantry lines, and the need continues to grow.

Together we can eliminate hunger in the Vegas Valley and beyond.