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Hope For Kids

Hope For Kids Christmas Experience 2023

Help us provide food, warm clothing, gifts, and a magical drive-thru experience for thousands of kids this Christmas.

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Hope for Kids Christmas Experience brings hope by providing Food, Gifts, and more!

Food for Struggling Families

1 in 6 Kids in Las Vegas go without adequate food, and this has a major impact on their well-being physically, mentally, and socially. At Hope for Kids Christmas Experience, we provide families with generous supplies of groceries for the Holiday Season.

Christmas Gifts for Every Kid

Families struggling to afford food have little chance of their kids receiving Christmas presents. At Hope For Kids Christmas Experience, we work with parents to give their kids their favorite gifts. For many, it’s the first Christmas they have experienced in years. 

Warm Clothes and Essential Items

As the weather gets colder, parents cannot provide their kids with adequate clothing. At Hope For Kids Christmas Experience, we provide warm clothing for kids. As well as other essential items that kids need.

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